A Real Fixer Upper

Posted June 28th, 2011 in News by admin

Our site does tend to draw traffic from people interested in buying a house or a smaller property in the Thousand Islands region. Recently we received an e-mail from someone looking for a “real fixer upper.” While they probably had something smaller in mind, the Villa on Carleton Island immediately came to mind. The stately home was erected before both Singer and Boldt castles, and harkens back to the Golden Age of wealthy industrialists building summer homes in North America’s island playground. Unfortunately the palatial residence is in need of some serious attention, sooner rather than later. But it beg’s the question, how did such a pearl of the Thousand Islands get in such bad shape?

Carleton Island Villa

If you searh online yourself you’ll find how everyone notes the poor shape the building is in, but on an article on ThousandIslandsLife.com gives insight into the events that ultimately led to the building falling into disrepair, namely eroding fortunes of the Wyckoff family, who made their money in the production of Remington typewriters. The article features an exclusive look insde the building and documents all the architectural elements of the property in stunning detail. The more you read the more depressing it is, it’s a shame that despite the apparent interest – two or three inquiries a week according to the selling agent – no one as of yet has been willing to take up the task.

So if you’re looking for a real fixer upper, this is certainly a challenge. Unfortunately a lot of the damage is structural, and would require attention beyond the skills of even the best handyman. But you wouldn’t only be getting a spectacular multi-stored mansion on one of the best pieces of property in the Thousand Islands, you’d also be restoring history and rebuilding the magic of the islands. The current asking price is $ 495,000 (US).

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  1. Kim says:

    Is this properry for sale and if so, for how much?

  2. Jerry Maney says:

    Do you have any estimates of what it would cost to make this beauty inhabitable again.

    Thank you

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